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PSA colored cutting vinyl

McCal 2000 and 6000 of computer cad cam cutting vinyl is designed with high opacity, using permanent solvent based adhesive for short to medium term (2-3 years) outdoor application with excellent cutting and weeding characteristics. Not suitable for pasting over scrim banner and flex vinyl.

McCal 3000 and 5000 is designed for backlit signs and window decoration using permanent solvent based adhesive, a life expectancy of 2-3 years on backlit signs can be achieved when properly installed. Excellent cutting and wedding, not suitable for pasting over scrim banner and flex vinyl.

McCal SM5 is a polymeric matt translucent vinyl with permanent solvent based adhesive designed for applications requiring greater durability (3-5 years) and is excellent for slightly curved surfaces, short-term vehicle application, and other outdoor applications. Suitable for pasting over scrim banner and flex vinyl.

McCal Window Decorative ETCH grade of window film is especially developed for decorative and functional graphics on windows, screens, doors and mirrors. McCal Window ETCH with dusted glitters for eye-catching visual effect with excellent dimensional stability offering an indoor durability of up to 9 years.

Pressure Sensitive Printing Vinyl (SAV)

The McJet line of printing SAV consists of white flexible calendered & cast vinyl film coated with self-formulated solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on a kraft liner. An optional bubble-free or air-egress liner can be specifically specified for larger flat or slightly curved area dry application purpose. The McJet range SAV offers various adhesive options including: clear or gray block-out permanent, clear or gray block-out removable, repositionable, low tack, and high tack adhesives as well as customized solutions. McJet SAV are available in both monomeric and polymeric for short and medium term outdoor application over flat or slightly curved surfaces. The substrate is capable of accepting a wide variety solvent-based inks and UV curable inks.

Roll up and POP up

McJet line of PP roll up and PVC/PET based POP up film offers different functional solutions like mobile display and budget solutions for POS signs, trade show, shop front, exhibition and seminars. Available in white back economical grade and grey back premium grade. Chose PP white back for economy fittings, a premium line of PET based banner films with gray backing ensures maximum block-out capability and its flatness over the pull up display stand and POP up displays

Lamination and protection

The McJet range of lamination film are available in various finishes, and structured in both monomeric and polymeric to protect graphics from dirt, chemical and abrasions. The UV rated polymeric lamination film further protects digitally printed images from UV radiation damages. Both calendered and cast are available for optimal pairing with McJet print media range. A thick-bodied floor graphic protection over-laminate had received various slip-rating against rubber sole, and it has self-cleaning capability to keep the floor graphic clean and neat – we suggest to apply local slip rating through recognized institution / organization to maximize safety assurance

Digital wall covering and interior decoration

The DecoWall range of wall vinyl offers textured flame retardant wall-paper like digitally printable substrates available in both fabric backed and adhesive backed version to suit a variety of digital ideas. It is durable, washable and attractive to be used for all kind of interior decoration including the commercial, residential and many public places. It is designed to be digitally printed using solvent-based, latex and UV based inks.

Vehicle wrap and protection

MCA range including the carbon fiber textured and brushed metal texture vinyl, available in calendered polymeric for vehicle seeking protection and creative marking. MCA provides excellent dimensional stability and special adhesive system used especially for vehicle wrap to provide a medium-term durability. Other wrap film with specialty effects are being added from time to time. Paint protection film and transparent colored film offer good protection to the valued vehicle and excellent conformability. Application done by qualified or trained personnel is highly recommended. Level of warranty extension from manufacturer’s suggested warranty period to be decided by qualified applicator and is regional and user habit dependent - please seek advice from McSign representative or your local installer.